Royal Tour: A yawning, pouting Prince George is EVERY tired little traveller

Cambridge Royals on tour

Prince William and Duchess Kate are on tour with the junior royals – Princess Charlotte and Prince George – and we get the feeling it’s all wearing a bit thin for the almost-4-year-old prince.

The littlest royals

They’ve toured Poland and Germany so far this week, and spotting the mini royals trying to keep up with their mum and dad has become our new favourite thing.

Not only are Charlotte and George always adorably dressed and ridiculously cute-as-a-button, they’re displaying behaviour that’ll be super familiar to anyone with kids under 5.

Imagine having to navigate flights, weird food, time zones, throngs of people you don’t know AND red carpets, when you’d rather just be home with your pets and grannies and friends. 

We can’t help but think that we’d be having meltdowns and getting pretty snotty by around the third strange hand shake and ‘hello!’ Amazingly these sweet kids are pretty much managing to hold it together. Sort of. :)

‘A’ for effort!

Social media has been flooded with pictures of the cute youngsters learning the royal engagement ropes.

But it’s a very sleepy, possibly ridiculously bored George that’s captured the world’s attention, as he wearily attempts to be a very good boy and not sweat the small stuff.

Scroll down and see how he’s working hard to handle life in the spotlight. (It can’t be easy!)

Busting out a bolstering hand-hold-smooch combo

Combined with a hand in the pocket this can restore AND entertain. This is a firm favourite of ours.

Trying the semi-pout on for size

When you’re not quite sure if you’re ready to signal you’ve completely had enough, but it’s definitely on the cards, the semi-pout is ideal.

And the FULL pout gets a look in, too

The full pout is very, very rarely displayed, but definitely worth the wait! Naw. 

Ants in pants-ing

The whole red carpet/royal protocol thing can be a challenge and unsurprisingly sparked some ants in pants moves… (Perhaps your kiddo does this, too?!)

Displaying nap withdrawal

Frankly, George would rather be at home watching telly in his PJs with some crumpets and a blanket. 
He is not sure why Charlotte gets flowers and he’s empty handed, either. Harumph.

Shifting focus

These things do drag on. At this point, George is possibly thinking about pizza.

Make it stop?

Let’s face it, it’s all a bit much for a 3-year-old. So tiring. Very bore. Let’s go home now.

George will turn four on Saturday 22 July, so here’s hoping his mum and dad have something less stuffy and much more fun up their sleeves for his special day!

Have you been following the smaller royals as they tour parts of Europe?

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