Rock that museum kid – the Insta-space bringing kids and art together

Kids and fine art are three words you probably don’t expect to find in the same sentence, but mum and art lover Mille Maria has discovered a way to combine the two. It happens in a beautiful Instagram account that pushes the creative boundaries and shows how important it is to introduce your little ones to the culture and beauty that museums and galleries have to offer.

Come and discover this inspirational Insta-space and find out how you can be a part of it.

For mother of two, Mille Maria, the decision to start Rock that Museum Kid was a no brainer. Growing up five minutes from the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, north of Copenhagen, Mille spent countless hours admiring museum exhibits and art displays.

Her love of art didn’t stop when she became a mum and she continued to explore various galleries and museums with her daughters, aged four and three, in tow.

“I have taken my girls to museums and galleries with me since they were infants sitting in a baby sling across my belly or in a stroller,” Mille tells Vesle Universe. “I have had some bad experiences of course, but nothing compared to all the good ones.”

From these good experiences came the decision to start Rock that Museum Kid.

“I wanted to give other parents the possibility to experience this too and see all the wonderful things that art can teach our kids about themselves, other people and the world.”


The Instagram account, which is “all about kids and art,”  now features over 400 posts from parents with children of all ages. There are images from museums, galleries and art displays around the globe, including the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney.

The images are stunning to say the least and most show children happily engaged in the artwork, whether viewing them straight on or immersed within the works of art.

One of the main reasons Mille decided to start the page was as a way to show parents that taking young children to museums and galleries shouldn’t be avoided.

“I believe in exposing children to art at an early age and teaching them that going to the museum can be fun,” Mille explains.

She is also well aware that many parents (myself included) tend to avoid museums and galleries in fear the kids will run rampant or break something.

Yes, children need to be carefully supervised, but, Mille encourages parents to focus on the positive experiences rather than just the “horror stories about angry museum guards [and] vandalised artworks.”

“My vision is simply to get more parents and families to go visit museums, and to consider the art as a fun weekend activity alongside the zoo, the beach, the playground.”

To get involved in this beautiful project, you can follow @Rockthatmuseumkid. Upload your own photo of your kids visiting museums or art galleries using the tag#rockthatmuseumkid and Mille, who calls herself the “page curator”, will upload your image to the page.

Do you include trips to the museum and art galleries as part of your weekend outings with the family?

(via Vesle Universe)

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