Roarsome: Stuck-for-childcare mum takes her son, Godzilla, to work

Godzilla kid

This college teacher mum wasn’t about to let a child-free day at her son’s primary school stop her from going to work. She let her kiddo tag along with her, Godzilla-style, and her class could not have been more appreciative.

Pop-up Godzilla

Indiana University coding teacher Erika Biga Lee told Buzzfeed her son Max’s dad was out of town when she realised that pupil-free day and work-day had collided. This left her holding the baby, so to speak.

“His school has parent-teacher conferences once a semester, and his dad works out of town, so he has to go with me to my university course that day,” Erika said. We’re not sure if she managed to get to the parent-teacher conference, but that is by the by!

What Erika did manage is something many mums have been forced to tackle before her, taking her son to work without going out of her mind. #Applause

Her mum-and-son work experience had a snazzy and mildly scary twist. Photos from within Erika’s classroom that day reveal a surprisingly toothy approach – and Max’s excellent outfit choice for the day – a full-body Godzilla costume!



A video taken on the day shows Max immersing himself in college life, stalking the classroom with a delightfully swishy tail.

Erika told Buzzfeed that Max had been pretty obsessed with his Godzilla costume since wearing it for Halloween. He’d taken the costume with him on this particular Go-To-Work-With-Mum Day and Erika’s class promptly urged him to suit up and go full Godzilla.

He followed their directive and it’s plain to see that his mini-zilla made everybody’s day WAY better.

Before you get all poopy, Max apparently only stayed in class for around five minutes, just long enough to impress the assembled students with his ace costume – and make a few friends in the process. Then everyone went back to learning things and Max exited, stage left.

Max is apparently an excellent serial offender when it comes to dressing the prehistoric, monstrous, spiny part. Last time he accompanied his mum to school he impersonated a very convincing T-Rex.



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