Rhino Shield Screen Protector – keeping your smart phone or tablet safe


Anyone with a smart phone or tablet knows just how easy it is for a glass screen to be shattered. I haven’t had it happen personally (knock on wood) but I’ve heard the horror stories, and these tales alone have me clutching my smart devices like a crazy person, for fear of dropping them.

Having just had Christmas, I suspect there is a plethora of new phones and tablets entertaining children (and adults) in homes and I can’t reiterate enough the importance of protecting these investments. A perfect place to start is with the Rhino Shield from Evolutive Labs. This thin piece of plastic is nothing short of unbelievable – if you doubt my rather bold statement, be sure to watch the video below.

Words don’t really justify the extraordinary capabilities of the Rhino Shield Screen Protector. It has to be seen to be believed, but it features amazing impact protection, anti shock, high transparency and protects against annoying fingerprints. The ultimate screen protector, it seemingly laughs in the face of typical destruction, all thanks to its specially designed and extremely clever shock dampening layer design.

Rhino Shield is available in sizes to suit screen sizes of various popular smart phone models, mini tablets and full size tablets. Priced from US$24.95, the Rhino Shield ships worldwide.

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