Revealed: Dax Shepard’s stay-at-home dad party lifestyle dream

Dax and Kristen

You may know that Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are one of our favourite celebrity couples. Not only are they vocal breastfeeding advocates and kind tantrum apologists, they’re also very open about how much hard work relationships can be.

Party time, excellent

Their latest chatter, well, Dax’s latest chatter, raises the prospect of stay-at-home dad life, albeit a little jokingly.

Dax revealed he’d been enjoying road tripping with his family and it got him thinking about a whole alternate life, one where he could hang out with the kids and everything would be peachy and popsicles and holiday vibes.

“I’m a big road trip guy!” Dax told People Magazine. “We just got back from one … We stopped at a ton of places, both driving up there and driving back. And we were in a van just partying.” Seems legit and like a lot of fun and now we want to road trip too. #Thursdayitis

Rose-coloured glasses

The dad of two little girls – 2-year-old Delta and 4-year-old Lincoln – says this on-the-road experience makes him want to party all the time. With his kids. At home. Around the house. Yessss!

(If only stay-at-home life was truly like that, right?!)

“I have these two fun kids to party with all the time. And I often ask myself, ‘Why don’t I just do that?’ Sounds like a good gig. That’s the dream.”

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F yeah we'll cook you shit.

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Show pony?

Don’t think Dax hasn’t thought this through a teeny-tiny bit, because he has. For three seconds. He’s already decided Kristen should be out there, making a living, albeit in a very possessive and horsey way.

“Let that little show pony of mine stay out there and earn the money and I’ll just hang at the house,” he suggested, referring to Kristen. 

It is not yet known if Kristen a) likes being called a show pony or b) is in on this idyllic plan. You’ll be the first to know when we find out.Watch this space.

While you’re here, this would be a good time to watch this video again (below). You’re welcome. And scroll down for an excellent throwback pic of Dax. You’re welcome for that, too.


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#tbt to the cutest kid in class. @daxshepard

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