Reuseable Bags – so cheap, so chic


Reuseable bags have become essential in my household. Ever since I
discovered bags like Envirosax, which I can fold up and pop
inside my handbag so they’re never forgotten in the car boot, they’ve
been my constant companions. We have drastically
reduced the number of plastic bags we use out of concern for the
increased waste we began to generate once we had children. We also set
up a compost a few weeks ago – it’s powering along nicely and our bin
is much emptier. We thought it was important to model environmentally
conscious behaviour to our sons from very early on in their lives so
that they will go on to behave the same way in their lifetimes.

Up until recently the offerings for reuseable bags were less than
chic, to say the least. Now that the Envirosax have taken the market
by storm, I’ve been on the lookout for other designs and fabrics, to
add to my growing stash. It’s becoming an extension of my love of
handbags, but without the huge pricetags! Envirosax cost $8.50 for one or $37.95 for 5 bags.

With my eternal love of polka
of course I was going to fall in love with the very stylish
Built NY Market Tote.
Made from
Neoprene, which is wetsuit fabric, it will protect your groceries from
bumps, and be as eyecatching as a designer handbag as you
peruse the market stalls or supermarket aisles. It will also
effectively insulate heat-sensitive items so you can afford to linger
that coffee before rushing home.
This one will set you back $49.95 but it is gorgeous!

Reisenthel Modern Grocery Tote
may be the best option for
a nappy bag that we’ve seen that is both amazingly cheap, yet cute to
look at. It has bottle-sized pockets externally, and a large main
compartment for nappies and wipes. There is also a removable zippered
pocket to keep your keys and mobile from floating around. It’s designed
to be a grocery bag, but we can see the potential for a great throw
around nappy bag!

The gorgeous Built NY polka dot tote is available locally from
Bristol and Brooks
who ship all the items on their site free of charge Australia-wide!
Alternatively, both bags can be purchased from
Reuseable Bags, a US site which offers very reasonable international shipping.


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