Remember the wonder and joy of pregnancy with I Just Couldn’t Wait to Meet You, by Kate Ritchie

Anticipation, curiosity and love are brought to the fore in this beautiful book written by Kate Ritchie (yes, the actress) and illustrated by Hannah Sommerville. I Just Couldn’t Wait to Meet You celebrates the excitement of expecting a child.

I really love my kids but I was not a happy pregnant woman. If I’d written about the adventure by the end of my pregnancy it would have been more like –

‘This process is incredible
Of that I have no doubt
But vomiting, cankles and heartburn?
Oh please, won’t you come out?!’

Which is why I’m glad that Kate Richie wrote this wonderful book. It’s such a sweet reminder of what (nausea aside) really is an amazing time.

I Just Couldn't Wait day and night

The book begins with the joy and wonder of imagining your unborn baby – ‘I thought about you night and day and in my sleep – it’s true’. Then it follows through to the incredible reality of parenting –

‘And now you’re you’re here the world feels right
and brighter every day,
and although sometimes you challenge me,
I know we will be okay.’

I Just Couldn't Wait inside pages

I Just Couldn’t Wait to Meet You is a heartwarming read that explores the wonder of anticipating a child. With loving words and sweet illustrations, it’s a tribute to pregnancy and parenting.

Eva holding book

The book makes a great gift for new parents, and is also lots of fun to read with your kids as they get older. Together you can talk about the ways that they’re similar or different to what you imagined.

You can find I Just Couldn’t Wait to Meet You online at Book Depository.

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