Remember Charlie Bit My Finger? You won’t believe how big those adorable little boys are now!

Charlie bit me young

Remember Charlie and his big brother Harry? The boys who charmed us all when Charlie sunk his chompers into big brother Harry’s finger? If you ever needed proof that kids grow up way too fast, then this latest video of the adorable duo is it.

Back when we first met the adorable duo, Charlie was a bonny, bouncing boy of one and Harry, three. Are you as shocked as me that these YouTube sensations are already nine and 11 years old? How is this even possible?

Charlie Bit My Finger was one of the first viral videos showcasing everyday family life when it took the internet by storm eight years ago. Yes, it’s been eight years! The 55-second video – officially the most popular non-music clip of all time – shows three-year-old Harry and his one-year-old brother Charlie sitting on a couch. Charlie bites Harry, which causes the toddler to utter the phrase, “Charlie bit my finger”, after which adorable Charlie lets out a cheeky laugh.

Oddly enough, the video was never meant to be public.  The boy’s father, Howard Davies-Carr, says he only uploaded it to Youtube because the file was too big to share with family members and friends via email. Since the video was uploaded in 2007, it has been seen by over 817 million viewers and won the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards’ Best Motion Video.

The family have been able to make a hefty six-figure income through sponsorships, merchandise and paid advertisements. The boys have appeared in commercials and there is even a Charlie Bit Me app.

charlie bit me boys grown up

Charlie and Harry are now nine and 11 years old. And their take on the fame and fortune that followed a silly moment between brothers?

“I think it’s a bit odd that loads of people have watched it,” says Charlie.

It’s amazing how much this one-minute video changed the life of a typical English family. However, what’s even more amazing is that this video, which feels like it was uploaded last month, is now more than eight years old. Charlie and Harry’s parents must be wondering the same thing as me – where has the time gone? And how can we make it slow down?

Do you ever look back on old videos of your kids and wonder how can time move so quickly?

(via Time)

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