Reese Witherspoon’s mum is all sassy texts and nude selfies (and we love it!)

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon’s mum Betty is a cheeky bugger and those of us with borderline inappropriate parents can probably relate to her naughty, chortle-inducing antics.

Playing for laughs

Appearing on The Ellen Show, Reese spilled the beans on her cute mum, revealing she’s quite the entertainer and sees delivering the giggles as her life purpose.

“My mom is like me,” Reese told Ellen – as her grinning mum sat in the audience nodding and chiming in. “We just like to make people laugh, even if we say the stupidest things.”

For example, as Reese’s show (she produced and starred in Big Little Lies recently) aired across the globe, Betty texted Reese the following review of her daughter’s latest effort:

Betty: I saw little lies tonight and I liked it. mom

Reese: Great!! Tonight was a good one.

Betty: Lots of sex yes.

Reese: Haha!!

Obviously there was only one thing to be done at this point. The exchange went straight to Reese’s Instagram (as you can see, below!) with the hashtag #BettyKnowsBest – which she clearly does if you have seen any Skarsgard-riddled episode of Big Little Lies. 

It’s in the family

Reese said that this “bringing the funnies” family DNA was something she’d only become aware of quite recently.

“There’s a big scene in Big Little Lies where I just try to make Nicole Kidman laugh because I say inappropriate things, and I made her laugh. I realized that I get this from my mother.”

Betty doesn’t save her quips just for her family. Oh no. She bestows them willy-nilly out there in the community for the benefit of us all. #blessed

“She went to the Apple Store to update her computer and (the employee) said, ‘Do you have any storage left?'” Mom’s response? “Don’t worry! I keep all my nude selfies in the cloud,” Reese told Ellen.

Reese posts highlights of her mum’s helpful/hilarious text advice on her Instagram, where she also recently revealed that work has begun on a second series of Big Little Lies. Hoo-falling-down-the-stairs-and-dying-rrah!

Born storyteller

Reese is a daughter and a mum of three kids – two with her ex-husband actor Ryan Phillippe (17-year-old Ava and 13-year-old Deacon)  – and one with hubby Jim Toth (4-year-old Tennessee).

Not content with simply being an actor, Reese has producer credits on several great  films – Wild and Gone Girl – (and a TV show!) and is building a retail empire called Draper James. She’s a partner in digital storytelling venture Hello Sunshine and was recently appointed ‘Storyteller-In-Chief’ at Elizabeth Arden – a move that signals a shift in brand ambassadorships, from being a pretty face to something broader and more relatable (albeit privileged!)

We’re due to see Reese on our screens next year in the new Disney adaptation of classic story, A Wrinkle In Time, alongside Oprah Winfrey and Mindy Kaling, so that promises to be amazing too.

We’re always interested to see what Reese does next and it’s clear that spinning a funny or meaningful tale is something she got from her mama!

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