What to really expect when your partner is expecting – a dad’s guide

Dads-to-be, think you got this pregnancy thing all figured out? You’ve prepared for hormones, for pickle cravings, for cankles and for labour? Make sure you have a read of what to actually expect when your partner is expecting, just in case. And thank us later.

Following from our post on what to actually expect while pregnant (a guide for mums), we wanted to give fathers-to-be a bit of a heads-up as well. Sure, there are plenty of pregnancy books for blokes out there, but if you want the whole truth (in less than a five minute read), then you’ve come to the right place.

Step up to the plate new dads – here is what’s in store for the next nine months!

The first month

As your partner doesn’t know she’s pregnant yet, you can expect everything to be pretty much the same until you arrive home one day and she asks you hold a pregnancy test that has been soaked in urine.

You can also expect to come home to a fridge devoid of all alcohol. But there will most likely be plenty of avocados.

The second month

As your partner starts to experience some of the early pregnancy symptoms, we actually cannot give you an accurate indication of what to expect. Some days you may come home to her in tears and others you may come home to discover you’re sleeping on the couch tonight because you didn’t put the dishes away properly.

One thing is certain, however, you can expect your partner’s breasts to triple in size. So there’s that to look forward to.

The third month

Again, the third month is a bit of an up and down month for a pregnant mumma depending on how she is feeling… but I wouldn’t expect much at this stage. If dinner’s made and your partner is still awake by the time you get home from work, then it’s been a good day.

The fourth month

It is usually around this time that you will be able to feel the baby kick and move. Those first few days of kicks are so exciting and thus you can expect your partner to grab your hand at random times throughout the day so you can feel the movements too. You can expect the baby to stop moving as soon as you put your hand on her belly.

You can also expect her to be sporting yoga pants or sweats from now on.

The fifth month

You’ve reached the halfway mark and thus you can expect the reality of what’s to come to finally start sinking in. If you haven’t thought about the baby’s name yet, you can expect about 55 text messages every day with baby name suggestions. If you have decided on a name, then you can expect her to start second guessing it around this stage.

The sixth month

Bed time becomes a bit of a nightmare during this time. You can expect your partner to keep you up every night tossing and turning, kicking, stealing your pillow, giving your pillow back, getting up to pee and sometimes you may even wake up to see her simply staring at you with a look of disgust. This is completely normal.

The seventh month

During this month you will probably have a hard time walking through the house without stepping on baby gear. You can also expect to be spending a lot of time swearing at Ikea instructions as you assemble cots, change tables, capsules, drawers and bookshelves.

The eighth month

Normally around the eighth month you will get to take part in the obligatory maternity photo shoot where you will most likely need to take your shirt off, wrap your arms around your partner and hold your hands in a heart gesture over your partner’s belly.

The ninth month

You’re almost there! This month you can expect to do all sorts of things you never thought you would ever do, such as paint your partner’s toenails, help her shave, rub lotion on her belly, tie her shoelaces and probably help roll her out of bed.

The tenth month

If your partner makes it into the tenth month then she is overdue. You can expect this to be your fault. You can also expect it to be your fault if the house is too hot, if the pizza is taking too long to be delivered and if Bachie chooses the wrong girl.

But, in all truthfulness, pregnancy is an amazing time for both parties – cherish those kicks and enjoy your time as a twosome. Because it’s all about to change! Make sure you check out our 27 priceless pieces of advice for new dads and our 11 ways to survive the newborn stage for what’s to come!

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