Reality check: Funny, tired parents are responding to Beyonce’s twin pic

Parents mimic Beyonce's twin debut pic

And so it begins. As Beyonce and JayZ shared the first photo of their twins, Sir and Rumi Carter on Friday, funny parents across the globe responded in kind. Sort of. *titter*

Twin reveal

The singer shared her one-month-old twins with the world via Instagram for the first time late last week, uploading the most Beyonce photo in the history of Beyonce photos (above).

Then, Beyonce’s mum Tina confirmed the twins – a boy and a girl – are named Sir Carter and Rumi Carter on the weekend, answering the “wait, what? Is one baby called Sir Carter Carter? What is Rumi’s surname?” ponderings of many confused followers around the globe.

Thank you Gran.

Tina Knowles Instagram

Challenge accepted

As Beyonce’s twin debut pic went wildly viral, some parents were already hatching cheeky plans. In fact, it took approximately 99 problems seconds for people to begin responding with their own very, very funny pictures, and like Beyonce’s, they illustrate that the juggle is very, very real with it comes to multiple kiddos.

Granted Bey’s pic is a little more floral, puffy-panted and fancy than her pretenders’, but there’s common ground when it comes to a) having hands full and b) still being alive. 

The Bey pretenders

Parents appeared delighted by the challenge Beyonce threw out, donning veils, Speedos, Peppa Pig capes and fluffy slippers in their quest to match the singer’s look.

While their efforts may be a little less carefully curated and a lot more low-brow than Beyonce’s, we give them huge props for effort. Anyone tackling raising children has our admiration, but parents of multiples hold an extra special place in our heart. #FistBump

Scroll through for a giggle – and to instantly feel better about life in the parenting trenches.

It’s not all floral backdrops and fetching veils. What. A. Relief!

Here’s some she prepared earlier…

Nailed it!

“Totally got this”

Child on left of screen is all of us right now

A pair and a spare

“The likeness is uncanny”

The likeness is uncanny …..

Posted by Sharon Kellaway on Friday, 14 July 2017

Screaming internally

Same same but different

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