Real mums speak – Minbie makes the transition from breast to bottle stress-free

Finally there is a baby teat that allows mums to feel comfortable introducing a bottle without confusing or compromising their baby’s ability to breastfeed. Australian designed Minbie teats have mums around the world talking. Come and see why.

I think most mums will agree that breast and bottle refusal can cause a lot of unwanted tears and stress for both mum and bub. There is nothing worse than knowing your baby is hungry but watching as they fuss and fret rather than latching on, regardless of whether it is the breast or a teat.

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Minbie is a new concept in bottle teat design. Its unique shape is targeted towards the innate feeding reflex of babies so that transitioning from breast to bottle, and back again, is a lot smoother and less confusing for your baby.

The Minbie teat includes a tapered nipple that sits closer to baby’s soft palate helping to create a vacuum for feeding, and a streamlined bulge for assisting a baby’s instinctive breastfeeding action. Since its introduction last year, Minbie has been presented with a number of awards including the Good Design Award. What’s more, last month, Minbie was announced as one of the winners in the babies and children section of the prestigious 2015 Red Dot Design Awards for great design in baby bottles.

It’s clear that the Minbie teat is unique. But can it really make the bottle-to-breast transition easier?

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Jacinta is one of the many mums who knows the stress of breast refusal. “I’d been fighting breast refusal for over five months. I had spent hundreds and tried almost every other teat that claimed to “mimic” the way a baby will feed from the breast.”

Jacinta was introduced to Minbie by a friend. “Less then 48 hours after first using these teats, my baby had re-learnt to drink from the breast. I can not praise or thank Minbie enough.”

Even for those who exclusively breastfeed, a baby’s refusal to take expressed milk from a bottle in an emergency can be incredibly stressful. Nadyne’s journey with Minbie began when she needed to send her seven-month-old to to day care. “I chanced upon Minbie a few months ago on the Babyology page and was intrigued with its unique teat design. However, I did not purchase it then as I was still direct latching my bub. Now that she’s preparing to go to daycare, we tried all sorts of teats and she just refused.”

“I recalled coming across Minbie and decided to give it a go. When my package arrived, I immediately used it to feed water to bub after her solids. Lo and behold, she took to it immediately! It was such a relief and took the stress out of bottle feeding completely.”


The range of Minbie teats have been specifically designed to complement breastfeeding, to support baby’s breastfeeding coordination and to support every stage of digestive development in babies from pre-term (34 weeks) to six months and above.

Laura’s little one was tube-fed in hospital and struggled with suckling from the start. “Other slow flow teats were too fast for our new baby boy. He would end up gulping and milk would overflow out of his mouth. Consequently, he ended up with gas,” Laura explains.

“With Minbie, his suckling improved and the amount of air he ingests is now very minimal. I would recommend this for anyone struggling with bottle-fed colicky babies.”Minbie teat

Every mum’s breastfeeding and bottle feeding journey is different. Explore the entire range of Minbie teats and their BPA-free wide-neck bottles, sold separately or in a starter-kit and starting at $17.99. Made of biocompatible soft silicone, the Minbie teat passes the EU and the FDA safety standards and includes a BPA-free storage pod. What’s more, Minbie offer free shipping if you purchase three or more products.

Find the perfect Minbie for your little one and discover first hand why mums and experts agree that Minbie is a game changer and a life saver in the breast-to-bottle transition.

(This is a sponsored post for Minbie)

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