Real families test out Prospan for cold and cough relief

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If used tissues, endless coughing and a general air of misery are infiltrating every corner of your home, take heart – you’re not alone. If you’re desperately searching for a tried and tested product that gently helps ease the symptoms of colds and coughs, we’ve done the hard yards for you. We’ve had more than 300 people try out Prospan – which incidentally covers the whole family – and here’s what they thought.

When you’re congested and fighting off the dreaded cough that the kids are already battling, the last thing you want to do is search the entire pharmacy for products. Prospan has a range for the entire family – even down to newborns. Just look for that green frog and ivy leaf, and the family is set! The latest addition to the collection is the Kids Prospan Cough Relief, which is a natural medicine – not a sedative. Containing Hedera Helix, or Ivy Leaf Extract, it helps clear mucus from airways, helping kids have a better night’s sleep.


We decided to let some of our Babyologists put Prospan to the test, and the results are in.

We asked our respondents to rate out of five the impact Kids’ Prospan had on improving their child’s sleep at night, and out of almost 340 testers, more than 100 rated it a five out of five. Likewise, more than 100 gave it a five for stopping or significantly reducing coughing, and for helping the child become less congested and breathe easier.


For kids, half the battle can be simply getting them to take their medicine, so Prospan prides itself on being pleasant tasting. And our testers agreed! More than 240 of the children who tried Kids’ Prospan rated the taste either four or five out of five. Thumbs up from the kids!

Perhaps the greatest seal of approval from our testers was the fact that 303 of them said they would recommend Kids’ Prospan to others.

We also asked our testers how they normally treat a cough in children under 12, and many used a combination of medication, and old fashioned methods, including lots of cuddles! Many of our testers preferred using natural medicines, and therefore turned to Prospan when looking to calm their children’s coughs. Steam baths, honey and hot water drinks and using a vaporiser or humidifier also proved popular.

Our testers were also asked if they were aware that cough and cold treatments with synthetic active ingredients (sedating anti-histamines, bromhexine, guaifenesin, phenylephrine) are no longer recommended in Australia for children under 12. Almost 200 respondents were aware of this recommendation, but nearly 150 admitted it was news to them.

We asked our group to let us know where they turn for advice on common healthcare issues, like coughs – and a delightful 120 answered that they still turned to mum! The majority of respondents said they either head to the doctor or pharmacy.

(This is a sponsored post for Prospan)

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