Ready to COPE: Offers new mums a lifeline to help prevent mental health issues

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Pregnancy and a baby’s first year of life is an incredibly taxing time on women. Our bodies, minds and emotions all take a beating, so it’s little wonder then that so many of us find we aren’t OK at some point during this time. Thankfully, a new service called Ready to COPE is here to help.

What is Ready to COPE?

As wonderful as bringing a new life into the world is, pregnancy and new motherhood is also the time when women are the most at risk of developing emotional and mental health conditions, according to Ready to COPE. 

Ready to COPE is a nonprofit body that is dedicated to preventing these specific mental health problems that can occur during pregnancy and early motherhood, as well as improving our quality of life as expectant and new mums. 

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How it will help?

Ready to COPE will soon launch a free fortnightly email to support, empower and comfort pregnant women and new mums in what’s known as the perinatal period – or pregnancy and your baby’s first year of life.

It will be focused on helping women to create realistic expectations of motherhood, but in a non-judgey way. 

By giving us trustworthy and credible information that is backed up by science, it aims to help us to feel prepared for the thoughts and feelings we may experience during this journey and to also understand these.

This includes feelings around loneliness in motherhood, changes in our relationships, the way we feel about our pregnant and post-natal bodies, as well as reminding us of the importance of nurturing ourselves.  

The email will also help us to see the warning signs that something isn’t okay, as well as how and when to get help when needed.

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Tailored for you and your baby

The information within the emails will all be based on your baby’s due or birth date. This means it will be timely and also relevant to wherever you are on your motherhood journey. You will be supported in real time.

Backed by science and supported by personal stories

Written by Dr Nicole Highet, a Doctor of psychology who specialises in perinatal mental health, the emails will contain credible and quality information with much of it being underpinned by government-approved mental health guidelines. More than this though, the email will also share personal stories which aim to help women understand their own experiences.  

Far reaching help

What’s more, Ready to COPE will be translated into over 10 languages, plus a version for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, so it will be far reaching.

How can I sign up?

You can sign up to receive the Ready to COPE emails by visiting their sign up page.

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