Random things around the house that will keep the kids entertained

Go home expensive battery operated toys. You’re fired.

These ridiculously strange non-toy items from around the house are better babysitters than you ever thought possible.

Every child is different. But if your kids are anything like mine, they seem to enjoy playing with the most random (and cheap) pieces of household junk for hours on end. We have boxes of Lego, baskets of dolls, buckets of those overpriced Shopkins and mountains of superhero costumes.

And these are the things they chose to play with instead:


No jokes. My son lines them up like a train and my daughter stacks them in different containers. It’s weird, yes, but if it means I can wash the dishes in peace while they play tampon train, then I’m all for it.

Choo choo.

Paint sample cards

They make the perfect size for little fingers to create little drawings and are heavier than standard paper. Plus, they are easier to throw away without getting caught by the kids and hearing, “Mum, why did you throw away all my pretty pictures?”.

non toys sl 2

Pillows, blankets and couch cushions

This is all you need to make the perfect cosy dome or blanket tent which can give the kids an afternoon of indoor adventure.

Stubby holders

They make the perfect slippers, according to my daughter.

Bottle caps

Sure, we may look like we drink far too much, but my kids love collecting bottle caps. We spray paint them, add stickers to them, trade them and glue them to canvases.

And it’s always so sweet to come home after a long day to my son asking me, ” Mummy, can you have a beer so I can have the bottle cap?”

Yes, son. Yes I can. The things you do for your kids…

Floor mats

Place them side by side and you’ve got the perfect putting green. Or grey. Or red. Or monochrome, depending on your preference in rug style and colour.

Pegs and clothes hangers

I cannot even count the times I’ve walked into the bedroom and found my daughter playing with clothes hangers and/or pegs. What she is doing with them I have no idea. But she’s quiet. The end.

Laundry baskets

Even the baskets are a popular item for my kids who insist on using them as a mode of transportation. Over the years, those blue bins have been trains, planes, buses, tractors, cars, rocket ships and boats .

non toys sl 3

Two rolls of toilet paper or paper towel

We recently discovered the pure joy that is 63 cent toilet paper – simply let the kids undo them, roll them into balls and have a ‘snow ball’ fight in the house. Then ‘time’ them to see how fast they can clean the mess up.

Empty bottles of soft drink

Collect enough of them and you’ve got a set of bowling pins.

So the next time your kids are bored and asking for a new toy, bypass the Lego aisle, forgo the Barbie section and instead check the cupboards in your house. You may be surprised at what your kids find entertaining.

What random things do your children consider toys?

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