Radio host shames breastfeeding mum… and Twitter responds accordingly

He’s no stranger to controversy, and now an Australian shock jock has landed himself in hot water – over a gaffe about public breastfeeding.

Just when you think public breastfeeding is finally becoming more accepted, this happens.  Radio 2GB nights presenter and The Project regular Steve Price posted this polarising tweet yesterday:

“Oh dear, you might get hammered over that comment!” came the first reply, by Twitter user Sarah Lou.

And was he ever. Twitter users, female and male, have leapt to the defence of the multi-tasking mum and her hungry baby. Here’s a sample of them:

“I’m not very discreet when I eat. Sometimes I even eat quite openly in public,” Elizabeth Holmes responds.

From Lynn: “And if baby started squealing from hunger in mid flight, your comment would be?”

“Wah wah look it’s a giant baby,” tweets CourtneyH, continuing, “ironic that the biggest baby in this example turns out to be you (mate). Grow up.”

From Alice Shaw: “Oh my God, do you mean to say a baby was being fed in public?”

“Nothing wrong with breastfeeding! Why does it have to be discreet and who are you to say where a mum can feed her child?” says DHS1971.

“The Victoria’s Secret billboards are fine though, right?” retorts Rachel Hayter.

“It’s a mum feeding her child. What is wrong with you? And what’s worse is (you) use your position of power to shame women,” writes Luke Hilakari.

“If you don’t like breastfeeding in ‘Qantas domestic’, you can always buy an international ticket. And never come back,” replies Bas Scheffers.

“But it’s OK to stuff your face with a hamburger? Grow up Steve, it’s only a breast,” Lex de Grauw.

One just said it with a picture:

And most importantly, several people pointed out that the mum was well within her legal rights to breastfeed on the run.

“Breastfeeding ANYWHERE is a legislated right. It does not have to be ‘discreet’,” says MsBrady.

Not that anyone should need reminding. Unfortunately, though, people can still be squeamish about breastfeeding in public. In December, we reported on a mum who was told to cover up while nursing at London’s fancy Claridge’s Hotel. Just last month, a mum was shamed on social media by a man who posted a photo of her breastfeeding and told her to cover up.

Thankfully, plenty of people are doing their bit to normalise breastfeeding – such as these funny comics that show mums how to tackle breastfeeding shamers, and this wonderful Breastfeeding is Beautiful project. Not to mention the wonderful initiative from tech giant IBM, which sees breastmilk shipped from working mums to their babies. And people like the Australian cafe owner who kicked out a customer who asked a breastfeeding mother to cover up. For more breastfeeding news – including the products we love – have a look through our archives.

Michelle Rose

Michelle Rose

Michelle is a journalist and mum to two girls who are obsessed with dinosaurs, fairies, pirates and princesses in equal measure. She lives in Melbourne's east with her husband, daughters and a giant, untameable labradoodle. Michelle loves all things vegetarian, wine (it's a fruit) and online shopping.

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