Quite possibly the cutest hairclips ever!


Some people buy hairclips to match their kids’ dresses. I’m not one of
those mums. Today I bought a dress because it matched one of my
daughter’s clips! Yes, I agree, my hairclip obsession is a little over the top. Especially when you consider what fine, barely-there hair my little girl sports on top of her beautiful little head. But my
obsession is only going to get worse because I’ve just discovered the
adorable and completely irresistible Flirty Bird.

The Flirty Bird range of fabric-covered ponytail holders, bobby pins
and clips has everything, including stylish polka dots and stripes,
whimsical cupcakes, sweet little geishas and my favourite – plump

Need more reason to love them? How about this: designer Michelle Nicholson makes every single clip and hair tie with her very
own hands right here in Australia. I also love that she’s a mum who
cheerily admits she’s already amassed a ridiculous amount of hair bling (and not all her own label either!) for her
own just-as-follicly-challenged baby girl, Scarlett.

You can indulge your own obsession for hair accessories direct from Flirty Bird’s new online shop, where
prices start at $6.95 for a set of pins. Or grab your FB hair bling
from Ekidna Kidswear, where you might just find a dress to match!


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