Quick-thinking mum shares the moment she saves her toddler from choking

Jennifer Hull

When this Texas mum was faced with every parent’s nightmare – a choking child – her speedy reaction saved her baby’s life.

Sudden panic

Jennifer Hull was in her children’s playroom when she heard her 1-year-old daughter Hollis gasping for air.

Hollis and her 3-year-old sister, Hatilynn, had been snacking on veggie chips and quietly playing together, but things had gone pear-shaped very quickly.

A nanny cam captured the moment Jennifer Hull activated her first aid training and mum superpowers.


Mummy mode

The footage shows the toddler running towards her mother in a panic, unable to breathe and beginning to turn blue.

Jennifer immediately takes action, grabbing her baby, striking her firmly on the back and performing the Heimlich manoeuvre.

Baby Hollis quickly spits up the food that had been lodged in her throat.

The pair then have a big cuddle and thank their lucky stars. Beautiful life-saving job, Mum.

“I immediately jumped into mommy mode when it happened. It was very scary,” Jennifer told ABC News.

Shocked and scared

Jennifer says she’d learnt basic first aid at infant safety classes whilst pregnant with her babies and credits the techniques she learnt with saving little Hollis’ life.

The shaken mum spent the rest of the day on high alert, worried about her daughter’s safety, only realising just how lucky they’d been when relaying the incident to her husband, Tyler, later that night.

“We were both so shocked at how scary it really was. It’s even scarier when we think of what the outcome could have been,” the relieved mum said.

Brush up on first aid

The quick-thinking mum decided to share the footage of the family’s choking scare, in the hope that it motivates other parents to take a first aid class and arm themselves with information that can potentially save little lives.

“At first I was reluctant to share the actual footage of her choking because it’s so personal,” Jennifer admits.

She realised, though, that the video might encourage other parents to be better informed about responding to emergency situations.

“We sat through every class that our hospital gave,” Jennifer said, suggesting other parents consider doing the same.

“It’s the least that you can do if you’re going to bring a baby into the world.”


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