Quick, clean up! Brikbag has a hasty clean up in the bag

I can’t begin to tell you how many toys I’ve accidentally (and sometimes not) vacuumed up over the years due to teeny tiny combs, Barbie shoes and Lego man hats being left behind in a hasty clean up. Click through to find just what product will prevent this mishap from happening again!

It’s called the Brikbag, Babyologists, and it’s going to save on mess and clean up time (children willing of course) – and what is there not to love about that!? The Brikbag (priced $39.95) saves on mess because the toys are played with on the surface of this generously sized mat and then when clean up is required, it’s all done by pulling in the edges with a drawstring to create the bag. Too easy!

Baby toys, building blocks, Lego, train tracks – all those toys that have lots of bits and a multitude of components to them are not likely to be easily lost in a sudden clean up again if stored in the Brikbag. The perfect accompaniment to all those new Christmas toys, Brikbag is made from durable cotton in a blue denim with red trim or black denim with green trim and matching drawstring ties.

For smaller bag storage, see our post on the Fruut Tree system!

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