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It’s been a while now since we stopped in at WeeGo, makers of the most gloriously rainbow coloured glass baby bottles and beverage bottles. We’re glad we checked in with them because there’s a whole bunch of new colours to peruse and they’re all available locally!I have a few of these bottles for Audrey and I love these glass silicone covered bottles. WeeGo has given the humble baby bottle a funky makeover that we just can’t get enough of.

WeeGo glass baby bottle

Available in 120ml and 265ml sizes and a choice of nine shades, including new spring green, royal purple and lilac, there’s sure to be a colour for every feed. I have gone with pink and purple, both of which I can recommend.

The Beverage Bottle might just be the prettiest water bottle ever, and practical too, wrapped in its silicone sleeve. I am using one of these for myself, as any breastfeeding mum knows how thirsty you get! Available in 650ml and 450ml sizes, these are perfect for both adults and children. The smaller 450ml beverage bottles come in six cool colours while the 650ml bottle has two new hues – spring green and sky blue – joining the colour spectrum.

glass drink bottles silicone

WeeGo bottles are priced from $23.95 and Beverage bottles from $29.95 at Until, which will ship all over Australia once you decide which colours you love best!


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