Queensland mum gives birth in the car on the way to hospital

As baby’s due date draws near, many expectant mums understandably hope for a quick birth. But, perhaps not as quick as Queensland’s Jennifer Smith, who gave birth to her daughter in the car on the way to hospital.

The Queensland Ambulance Service shared Jennifer’s and her husband Mark’s story on their Facebook page, complete with a photo of all involved in the arrival of baby Ever Rose Smith, as well as a close up of the newborn cutie.

“Baby Ever Rose Smith surprised her entire family when she made a quick entrance into the world last week,” the post says.

“She was delivered in her mother’s car on Newmarket Road, Wilston by her Aunt Tori with the assistance of paramedics Peter Harry, Jarryd Wallin, Benjamin Todd and Gregory Lavis (and) with the watchful eye of her grandmother. Well done to mother Jennifer Smith and proud dad Mark! A story that will be told for a lifetime.”

Jennifer expressed her thanks as she commented on the post.

Thank you so much for all your help that day,” she wrote.

“Me and my sister are both RN’s (registered nurses) ourselves but when it’s you in the position as patient it’s a whole other feeling, and you don’t realise just how reassuring your presence as health professionals is.

“So much respect for the incredible work you all do! I’m sure every birthday for years to come we will all be talking about Ever’s amazing entrance into the world.”

But, if anyone was thankful for the support, it was Jennifer’s sister Tori.

“The relief we all felt when we heard those sirens and knew help was here is something I don’t think you can understand until you’ve felt it,” Tori wrote.

“It takes such a special person to do the work you do and we cannot thank you all enough for keeping Jen and baby Ever safe. We will never forget that day and what you did for our family.”

Jennifer and Tori’s mum Tania Wass also shared her gratitude.

“I just want to send you a huge heartfelt thank you for keeping Tori calm, and Jen and Ever safe that day,” Tania wrote.

“Like Tori said, without your voice in her ear step-by-step you helped her to remain focused and in control of the situation. As soon as Tori handed over control to Peter and Jarryd, poor girl burst into tears knowing what she had just done. You should feel so proud of yourself and your huge part in making sure my grand-daughter entered the world safely and that my daughter was safe too. So many things could have gone wrong that day but, thanks to you and the team, it didn’t!

“The emergency services all do admirable jobs and deserve the respect and admiration from us all.”

We couldn’t agree more, what a fantastic outcome. Welcome to the world baby Ever!

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