How to put a baby to sleep, from our very favourite Kiwi dad

He’s taught us how to travel with a baby, how to carry an infant and how to get your kids to fetch you a beer from the fridge. Now How-To Dad is delving deep into the parenting abyss that is trying to put a baby to sleep. Here’s how you can master it.

Instructional videos are all the rage these days and there are pretty much How To and Wiki guides on everything (check out this hilarious Wikiguide on How to Be a Parent in 23 Steps, for example).

But this New Zealand dad, who is the funny man behind such videos as How to Hold a Baby, How to Buy a Mother’s Day Gift and How to Show Off to Other Dads,  is by far one of our favourites when it comes to demonstrative videos.



Posted by How to DAD on Sunday, 29 May 2016

How to Dad, also known as Jordan Watson, uses some extreme moves to put bub to sleep including the common “Bribe,” “Hypnotism” and “Shush Train”.

He also introduces some new moves such as “The Dad That Doesn’t Know a Single Lullaby” and my personal favourite, “The Big Awkward Dad Giant Baby Sleep Over” where Jordan climbs into the cot with the wide-awake infant.

Jordan touches on several other methods including the “Tap Out” where he calls his wife in to take over, the “Tip Toe” (also known as How to Escape a Sleeping Baby) and the “Method Acting”. While all of his methods fail miserably, the duo are certainly cute giving them a go.

But perhaps the best thing about How To Dad is his nonchalant attitude toward parenting and life. The instructional master who is a landscaper, dons tradie shorts and a shirt with a hole in the back for the occasion, complete with uncombed hair and some pretty impressive facial hair.

how to dad

And let’s just pretend “awkward” is supposed to be spelled with an extra A.

Sure, the video should probably be called, “How To Master the Scruffy Dad Look and Train Your Baby to Fall Down”, but we still got a good giggle from it. And, with 12 million views so far, it appears we aren’t the only ones!

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