Push-up cakes come to the party!

Sweet Sisters Sydney

Sweet Sisters

We love revealing the latest party trends here at Babyology so your own celebrations can shine. Well, here’s one that’s sure to have everyone licking their lips. After showing you tonnes of ways with cupcakes, not to mention cake pops and whoopie pies, we present the newest hit party treat – push-up cakes.

Yes, that’s right, push-up cakes – or pop-up cakes, as they’re also known. Gorgeous little morsels of cake layered with icing and buttercream and whatever else you like. All contained in a cutesy see-through cylinder that’s a cinch for little hands (and mouths!) to handle.

Sweet Sisters Sydney

Our own head Babyology honcho Mandi opted for push-up cakes from Sweet Sisters in Sydney (pictured above) as a take home treat in lieu of lolly bags for her eldest daughter Hayley’s sixth birthday last month, and they were a hit with the junior crowd.

Push-up cakes are also replacing the traditional birthday cake or cupcakes, a lá another Sweet Sisters creation seen below. As much as I love a good cupcake, especially one topped with an elegant swirl of sugar-laden buttercream, there’s no escaping the incredible mess they make in the hands of a party-going toddler or preschooler. But here, there’s no fiddly cupcake wrappers or cake cutting to wrangle – ergo no need for cake plates and spoons. Which is especially useful if your party is being held away from home. All kids need do to eat is push on the handle and – voila –  the cake is released, inch by mouthwatering inch, into hungry mouths.

Sweet Sisters Sydney

Here’s another reason to embrace the push-up cake for a destination party. Cupcakes, with all their dainty prettiness, are tricky to transport safely, even with a fancy-schmancy cupcake carrier. I can tell you from experience those buttercream swirls don’t look quite so elegant after being bounced too quickly over a speed hump!

Push-up cakes start at $5 each at Sweet Sisters, with a minimum order of fifteen. They come in two cake flavours – vanilla sponge and chocolate – but the rest is up to you. Sisters Jess and Nikki will colour the buttercream icing however you like and can add any manner of sprinkles, sweets, cachous, fruit and other fancy tidbits to suit your particular party theme.

push up jelly, rainbow jellies, rainbow jelly, traffic light jelly

Sandwiches – sweet or savoury – and coloured jellies can even be layered in the same containers from $2.50 a piece.

Sweet Sisters have a special deal just for Sydney-based Babyologists – they will give five free push-up cakes with every order until the end of May if you mention this post. Sweet!

Sweet Sisters Sydney

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