Pure Wipes – compact wonders!


Let’s face it, most of us just love a little product magic in our lives! I’ll never forget the adverts for those ‘Sea Monkeys’
– I was convinced that just by adding water, I could create those cute little creatures
animated on the back covers of comics.
Pure Wipes don’t claim to hatch little creatures when you add water, and nor
would you want them to! They do provide that neat ‘wow factor’ though, as they transform from a tiny 1 x 2cm tablet to a handy
full-sized wipe with just a tablespoon of liquid.

When space is at a premium in your bag, whether travelling abroad or
down the road, Pure Wipes will ensure you have a wipe handy
whenever you need it. I plan to keep some in my bag and glovebox simply
because I forget my baby wipes at least twice a week. They’re a
great emergency stop-gap for those times when nothing but a moist wipe
will do.

Pure Wipes are unexpectedly versatile. You can add a liquid of your
choice to suit the purpose, so adding antiseptic can clean a
wound when camping, adding toner makes for a clean face, and of course
water for your baby’s bottom or hands! If the need arises,
they can even be used as a cleaning cloth.

They’re non-toxic and made from natural fibre pulp and then compressed, they can be reused and
even put in the compost, where they will degrade after just 35 days.

These little gems are available from Mini Eco.
Packaged in a handy 10-pack tube for $4.95 and with 12 and 80 piece refill packs available at $4.95 and $17.95
respectively, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them!


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