Video – The Hunger Games method of pulling out a wobbly tooth

We dare you to watch this video without cringing. And without checking that your own teeth are still intact.

Growing up my parents came out with plenty of gems to help us lose those wobbly teeth that were only hanging on by a thread – eating an apple, tying the tooth to a piece of string attached to a door (and slamming the door).

But seven-year-old Cayden Sullard’s method hits the bullseye. Literally.

The brave little man shows us how to pull out a loose tooth with the assistance of his dad (to tie the tooth), a bow and an arrow. You can imagine what happens next.

But, in case you want a visual, Cayden’s dad, Scott shot the whole thing on his mobile phone and has since uploaded it to YouTube.

Cayden takes matters into his own hands as he shows us his wobbly tooth, tied to a string which is attached to the arrow. He calmly takes aim and fires. As the bow goes flying, so does his tooth and the adorable guy is left grinning widely with a new gapped smile.

Although the family have yet to find the tooth, Cayden was rewarded with $10 from the tooth fairy the next morning.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is how to pull a loose tooth.

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