Public rallies to save dog who protected toddler from deadly snake

Members of the public have pledged thousands to save a brave pet Boxer named Mack who protected a toddler from a deadly Tiger snake.

More than $7000 has been raised to cover the vet bills for Mack after he was bitten several times in his family’s Victorian backyard.

The loyalty of the family dog

Those of us with dogs know they soon become treasured family members.

Protective by nature, they also tend to form unbreakable bonds with the most vulnerable of the family pack – our children.

Which is exactly what happened when Leigh Shaw’s loyal pet Mack came across a deadly Tiger snake while outside with one of the Shaw’s young children.

Hero dog saves toddler from snake

Mack had been in the backyard with Leigh’s eldest daughter Carmen, when he crossed paths with the highly venomous snake.

“We are so thankful he protected her, he was bitten several times and killed the snake just a few metres from our daughter’s trampoline,” Leigh wrote.

“He is in a touch and go situation as the venom has caused kidney damage and he is being ventilated, his chances of survival is still at a 50/50 (sic).

“We can’t lose him”

“This has broken our little family’s hearts and many tears are being shed as he has touched a lot of people’s hearts as he is so friendly and playful to all.”

He explained how Mack came into their lives four years ago when he and partner Jo lost their twins.

“He has been our rock ever since, he has a bond unbreakable with both our children ages two-and-a-half and even our three-month old and we can’t loose him to this,” Leigh wrote.

Not wanting to face losing his best mate, Leigh Shaw set up a Go Fund Me page to help him raise the money needed to ensure everything was done to save Mack’s life.

Let’s hope that brave Mack pulls through in time for Christmas. He truly is a treasured member of this family.


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