Protect kids’ feet from hot sand with Duukies beachsocks

Duukies beachsocks

Duukies beachsocks

The beachy days of summer aren’t far off, and that means new swimmers, new hats and plenty of sun protection. But what about foot protection?

Foot protection, I hear you scoff. When we were kids we had no foot protection! We just ran across hot asphalt roads and burning sand until our feet TOUGHENED UP! And if we trod on sharp shells and cut ourselves, we just laughed it off (and got a tetanus shot)! Hmmm. We didn’t really enjoy that experience though, did we? What about some beachsocks instead?

These are the awesome Dutch-designed Duukies Beachsocks. They may have come all the way from Europe but I think they scream Australian summer. Made from a mix of nylon and neoprene, they are slip-resistant, quick to dry and easy to get on and off. Not only do they offer foot protection from sharp objects and hot sand, but also from stings (think bluebottle or jellyfish). Little feet won’t get sunburnt either, even if you forget to put the cream on them.

Duukies beachsocks are currently available in five designs, and you can buy direct from Duukies online. They are €19.95 a pair, and shipping to Australia comes in at around another €7, so they’re quite affordable. They are available in European sizing from 20 to 33.

Duukies beachsocks

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