PROOF! New study says mums are WAY more sleep deprived than dads

Sleep Deprived Mum

A ground-breaking new study tells us that mums are getting more sleep deprived with every child, while parenthood apparently has little impact on dads’ sleep patterns. Hmmm.

Let’s talk about sleep, baby

Kelly Sullivan – an Assistant Professor of Epidemiology at Georgia Southern University’s Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public Health – and her team studied 5,800 men and women, some of whom had children and some who didn’t.

The researchers found that “women with children reported feeling tired more days a month than their child-free counterparts,” Wisconsin News reported.

The mums said they were exhausted for 14 days of the month, compared to 11 days for the women without kids, the study found. Those 11 days tired women without kids may have a very different definition of the word tired, if you ask us. Their work also revealed that the more children a woman has, the less sleep she will get. #NoSh*tSherlock

“Each child in the house increased the odds of insufficient sleep by 50 percent,” Sullivan said.

We feel you Kelly, we do.

All night long

The next reveal surprised us, however, because we think it might be a little hard on the dads? Inaccurate, broadly, even?

“For men, we did basically the same analysis and children had absolutely no impact on men [and their sleep],” Professor Sullivan said.

No impact? For real?

The study was apparently patchy at best when it came to providing further detail and possible reasons for this, but we think we can fill in the sleep-reality blanks anecdotally without their intel.

  1. Mums are more tired than they ever thought humanly possible.
  2. They may be tired for the entire time their child lives under their roof.
  3. They may then be tired after their child leaves home, due to worry/not even remembering how to get a full night’s sleep.
  4. And, to be fair, most dads’ sleep is affected when a baby arrives. Unless he a) doesn’t live in the home with the baby or b) has industrial strength earplugs and a partner who avoids elbowing him in the ribs when the baby wakes up.

What do you think?

Obviously mums are more sleep deprived than (most) dads. But does the arrival of a baby signal interrupted sleep for dads, too?

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