Project Wild Thing – reconnecting kids with nature


Childhood used to be packed to the brim with outside adventures, making mud pies, exploring bushland and long bike rides. These days it’s more akin to training for an adulthood full of technology. But can this sad state be reversed? Can we give our kids the carefree and adventurous childhoods they deserve? Project Wild Thing says we can.

As I type this post the autumn sun is setting and my boys are entering their fifth hour gardening outside with their dad. They’re filthy, their smiles are wide, and they’ll sleep well tonight. But, as is the norm in this modern society, this isn’t how they spend every day.


There are plenty of days where they spend umpteen hours on the iPad and watching television. Because if they didn’t, I couldn’t work and the house would be a mess. But our parents managed to keep households ticking over, while letting us enjoy adventurous, outdoor childhoods. Yes, times have changed, but perhaps we’re now way too far removed from our wonderful childhoods. Have a look at the trailer for the Project Wild Thing film and you’ll see where this post is headed (if nothing else you’ll get a good laugh):

In a nutshell, Project Wild Thing is a film-led movement to get kids, and hopefully their parents, reconnecting with nature. It’s a feature-length documentary which you can either watch online or purchase on DVD.


The movement is aimed at starting small – asking parents to turn off the TV and smart devices and play outside with their children. The movement has grown since the film was released last year, with the formation of The Wild Network – which aims to tackle many of the issues raised in the film.


You can get tips on how to enjoy the outdoors with your children by joining the community. It’s such a simple, yet powerful movement. Let us know how you feel about it, or what you do to get your kids to connect with nature in the comments below.


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