Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

security and privacy is important to us, and your information is 100% secure
with us. Babyology
wants you to enjoy time on our website without worrying about the security and
privacy of your personal information.What happens to my personal information when I visit Babyology?


When you visit the Babyology website, your visit is tracked however your
personal data is not stored on the browser at any time. The only information
collected is basic data to assist us in tracking how many visitors came to the
site, what pages they looked at, how long they spent on each page and what web
browser they are using. We do not store any personal information on the site
unless you register with Babyology.

When I register
for the Babyology mailing list, what happens to my personal information?

When you register on Babyology, we retain your personal information in a secure
location. We will not supply your personal information to any third
party under any circumstances.

The questions on
the registration page are mostly optional demographic questions including age,
gender, occupation, geography and income. This information is only used to
capture an anonymous demographic profile of our total audience and does not
contain any personally identifiable information and will be used both
internally by Babyology and for promotion to third parties. You may
opt-in to receive further information from advertisers and supporters. If
you choose to opt in, Babyology manages all correspondence. We will not
supply your personal details to any third party under any circumstances.

Babyology will at all times comply with the requirements imposed by the Privacy Act 1988.

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