Print, cut and fold your way to paper fun with Cubeecraft

Cubeecraft Wall-E

Cubeecraft papercraft Super Mario Bros

I like the idea of craft with kids much more than the reality. All the craft in our house seems to involve hours setting up lots of messy stuff – glue and glitter everywhere, crayons trampled underfoot – which is played with for six or seven minutes and then left on the table and floor for me to clean up.

Problem solved with these printables from Cubeecraft. With new designs every week, Cubeecraft provides free (yes, free!) templates to download, print on your home printer and then simply cut and fold to make a wide range of characters to display and play with. It’s a form of “craft” that boys won’t be too cool for (or their dads either, if we’re talking honestly), with characters ranging from SpongeBob to Harry Potter, through to pop culture icons like Astroboy, Scully and Mulder from The X-Files and any number of figures from literature and history.

The Cubeecraft Facebook page provides a spot for fans to post pictures of their creations and is a good starting point to get an idea of the process.

Cubeecraft Wall-E

Has this awakened the printables maniac in you? Check out some printable bookplates, paper dolls (even Halloween-inspired ones), or perhaps just some simple paper bunting that we’ve featured here before.

All you need is a printer (colour, preferably, but you can always colour them in) and a pair of scissors and you’re on your way. Ready to get cutting? Head over to Cubeecraft. Each template will set you back, hang on, nothing. Did I mention they’re all free?

(All photos are the work of Amanda Hayler and used with permission.)

Cubeecraft Dr Who Tardis

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