Magical Princess Mary cuddles away her son’s royal first day of school tears

Princess Mary, Princess Josephine and Prince Vincent

First days can feel like the worst days to little people and Denmark’s 6-year-old prince is no exception. He and twin sister Princess Josephine started school on Tuesday, and let’s just say it was a bit of a bumpy beginning.

First day blues

The young Danish royals posed for the traditional first day of school photos with their parents Crown Prince Frederik and ex-Tasmanian Crown Princess Mary and it was a teary occasion for one emotional little guy.

The twins are enrolled at the Tranegård School in Hellerup, Denmark, People Magazine reports and poor Vincent seemed to find the attention and anticipation of this very big day too much to bear. Princess Mary was captured cuddling her little boy, stroking his face and giving him what looked to be a reassuring pep talk outside Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen.

The gentle encouragement eventually banished the tears and the little prince seemed to feel a little more confident about what lay ahead.

New beginnings

Princess Josephine appeared to be less reluctant, excited even, about starting school and having her photo taken. In fact she was as thrilled as Vincent was miserable. She took to her new backpack and adorable outfit like a duck to water and maybe, just maybe her confidence was catching and made Vincent feel a bit better about things?

The twins will apparently be in different classes at the Tranegård School, with Crown Prince Frederik saying it was important that they made new friends.

“They are each other’s best friends and can see each other in the quarters. But we thought they should have some new comrades,” he said very militarily. We picture him merrily bouncing coins off the twins hospital-cornered beds in his down time.

Young Princess Josephine confirmed she and her brother were approaching school with an independent attitude, bravely telling the assembled press “I’ll go to A and Vincent will go to B.”

Public life

We’re not sure Vincent is on board with the splitting-twins-up thing just yet.

Let’s face it, growing up in the spotlight like this must be incredibly stressful. We suspect we’d be crying as the cameras snapped, too. At the very least we’d need a snuggle from Princess Mary.

Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine are the youngest children of Frederik and Mary. The couple are also parents to 11-year-old Prince Christian and 10-year-old Princess Isabella, who no doubt are old hands at this first day/photographer pack stuff.

We hope Vincent is settling in well and things are a little less emotional as the days roll out.

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