Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s granny enjoys 4 drinks every day

The Queen with her grandchildren

And really, who wouldn’t be celebrating reaching 91 and still being the world’s most famous granny AND the Queen of England? We’ll drink to that!

Granny sips

A chef who was once employed in the royal kitchens shared some insight into the festive habits of Queen Elizabeth and we’re mighty glad he did. 

Darren McGrady spilled the beans on George and Charlotte’s granny’s favourite snacks and tipples and the list reads like a very sparkly and royal episode of Sex And The City.

Apparently, just before lunch, the Queen enjoys her first sip of the day – a gin and Dubonnet. She likes a slice of lemon (pips removed) slipped into the glass and lots of ice, thank you.


Chocolate, cocktails, corgis

The next drink, like clockwork, is at lunch. Perhaps after she’s chased her visiting royal grandchildren up and down the halls of Buckingham Palace.

She has a nice glass of wine with her meal, followed by a piece of chocolate (perhaps to cleanse her palate. Chocolate IS TOO a palate cleanser.)

Afternoon tea is a booze-free affair, possibly because one needs her royal faculties in check if she’s going to run the corgis through the rose garden and play a round of Sardines with George and Charlotte.

In case you were wondering, afternoon tea is “chocolate perfection pie or chocolate biscuit cake, made with McVitie’s Rich Tea biscuits” with a herbal drink.

Sparkles and a martini

Later, the Queen has a light evening meal – “no starch” if she’s dining alone, because royal waistline.

The Queen’s cousin, Margaret Rhodes, is also keen to tell-all re the royal drinking cabinet. She says a gin martini at dinner is a queenie fave.

When all the bedtime stories are said and done, the Queen enjoys a glass of champagne and then turns in for the night.

Free pass for grannies!

Some rude buggers have pointed out that this intake of alcohol is in the binge drinking category, but when you’re a 91-year-old granny (or otherwise!) the rules simply do not apply.

Further, now that Prince Phillip has retired and will be lurking about the palace much, much more, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Queen levels up in the face of such judgement. 

Afternoon tea sherries all ’round, perhaps? She’s just popped down the shops for supplies…

The Queen’s Cocktail
Serves 1

1 part gin
2 parts Dubonnet
Orange or lemon twist to garnish (optional)

Pour one part gin and two parts Dubonnet over lots of ice and stir.
Add a lemon or orange twist, if you like.

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