Preserving our children’s artwork with Artimus Art


As a child, I vividly remember painting, drawing and colouring. These were some of my favourite activities and I still have a few drawings that my mother kept for me. I have yet to see this trait in my own child but that is probably because she’s still too young. When the day arrives that she does begin churning out crayon and watercolour marvels, I’ll keep it all. Preserving it is another story. As we all know, things too easily get lost, destroyed or simply deteriorate over time.

US-based Artimus Art which was started in 2007 by a Massachusetts mother-of-three, will do just that: preserve children’s artistic creations. First, the customer choses the art they want conserved, then Artimus Art goes about carefully restoring the artwork, colour enhancing, resizing and reproducing it on heavy gloss paper. Each page is then bound in a hardcover hand-made book by graphic designers and skilled bookbinders. The restored images can also be viewed by family and friends online – what a fabulous idea!

Unfortunately, this fabulous idea is not available to Australians – yet. Artimus Art hopes to accomodate international orders in the future. We’ll keep you updated.

(Via Oh Dee Doh)


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