Pass the chips: #PregnantWife tweets are our new favourite morale booster

Pregnant woman and tweet

The sleeper hashtag #PregnantWife has been humming along on Twitter for quite some time, but it’s just recently garnering attention as curious types stumble across its funny musings and retweet in solidarity.

#PregnantWife, happy life

The tag plays homage to the triumphs, testy times and tantrums growing a baby can herald. The tweets are mostly from men, but it’s relatable stuff for anyone who’s lucky enough to know a pregnant woman. 

While some of the preggo hashtag shares show pregnancy from a sort of mocking male perspective, others are simply reflections on the sassy stuff pregnant ladies say.

And let’s face it, there’s a lot of things that truly do need to be said when you’re growing an entire person inside you. As far as we’re concerned all behaviours are one hundred percent valid if the pregnant lady says so.

Fair play

If you’re going to spend 280 days growing a human who pees inside your belly and kicks the living daylights out of your nether regions, you might just need to vent or be a little testy, from time-to-time.

This hashtag is a sort of terrified celebration of that, capturing the on-edge, uncoordinated, hungry and bolshy moments of pregnancy, in just a sentence or two.

Want to see what we’re on about?

Here are 12 of our fave #PregnantWife tweets. (Punch the hashtag into Twitter to see the full selection in all its chatty, funny and sometimes complain-y glory.)

1. Chips and dip

2. Paw patrol

3. Nesting schedule

4. Eff absolutely all of this

5. Gritted teeth

6. For whom the bend tolls

7. True love

8. Plumbing issues

9. Empathy deficit

10. Fair cop

11. Carb loading

12. Truth-telling

Are you expecting a baby? Maybe some (possibly all) of these tweets hit home for you.

We wish you the very best human-growing and encourage you to be as pregnant and pesky as you like, for 10 months at the very least!

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