Pregnant Jessica Alba reveals her family’s 3 important baby naming rules

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba, who is married to producer Cash Warren, let the couple’s baby naming manifesto slip during a recent TV appearance, and it’s got us wondering if other couples have similar rules.

Give us an ‘H’

Jess popped up on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and explained they have quite a complex system when it comes to choosing the perfect name for their kiddos.

“So my husband’s name is Cash, that’s his actual real name on the birth certificate. So our kids had to have unusual names that also were words,” she said.

Cash and Jess are parents to two girls, 9-year-old Honor and nearly-6-year-old Haven, and the mum-of-almost-three reveals how her existing kids’ names fit the bespoke mould.

“For some reason we chose H [names for their first two daughters].”

Jess and Cash’s rules are thus:

“It has to be single or double syllable, has to be an ‘H’ and it also has to be a word. It can’t be too weird because you never know,” Jess said.

“A little unusual [is okay], but what if they want to be a nurse?”Jess explains.

Let’s brainstorm!

Jimmy decided to help Jess brainstorm names for the new baby, with little success. (You can watch this, above!)

“Hail!” Jimmy suggests excitedly. Jess is less than impressed.

“Heart?” he offers, gingerly.

“Oh that’s so cute. No.” Jess says firmly.

We have to admit, it’s a tough call. We threw the – a word and a name and has to begin with an H requirements – around the office but we only came up with:


Baby number three

Jess has many feathers in her bow, heading up The Honest Company which produces green lifestyle products as well as juggling her acting career and kiddos.

She starred in the Fantastic Four franchise, TV’s Dark Angel – and also popped up on RuPaul’s Drag Race, Entourage and Project Runway. And that’s just for starters.

Baby number three is the latest exciting project and we’re looking forward to hearing more about it, when this family feels it’s the right time to share.

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