Pregnancy style switch: Small changes for the big bump

pregnant woman

It’s all going along so well in the first trimester. You loosen your belt a little, but other than that you’re looking pretty great. And them bam – you pop – and every single thing in your wardrobe becomes obsolete. But here’s the thing … you don’t have to live in leggings for the next six months. With a few of these simple switches, you can still own your style throughout pregnancy. Get set, go.

Out: Jeans

In: Stretchy pants

I have yet to hear a pregnant woman rave about how much she loves wearing jeans. The tight unforgiving waistband creeping up your belly, thick denim rubbing against your swollen pregnant legs. Not nice. So pack away your lovely lovely jeans, tell them you’ll be back one day, and then invest in some nice stretchy pants with a good belly-loving waistband. Harem pants, capris, leggings – anything, as long as it’s lightweight, soft and can grow with you.


Out: Tucked in shirts

In: Long, fitted tops

If you like to tuck things in, pregnancy is probably throwing you into a fashion hole. It’s tough if you’ve always centered your look on your waistline. But your curves are just kind of inverse now, so it’s worth switching out your old tucked in shirts for a longer, more fitted t-shirt that covers your growing belly, but also accentuates your new shape.


Out: Spiky heels

In: Low, chunky heels

Everyone tells you to stop.wearing.heels when you’re pregnant, but if you love a little bit of height, good for you. Just try swapping the sky-highs for something a bit lower and chunkier. A low, block-heeled sandal with ankle strap in summer. Or a little low-heeled ankle boot in winter. Perfect.


Out: Shirt dresses

In: Wrap or t-shirt dresses

Bye-bye buttons. They just have a really bad habit of popping open at bad times. So instead, swap the shirt dresses for something a bit less structured. Wrap dresses are basically made for pregnant bellies. Stretchy t-shirt dresses are also on-trend and endlessly forgiving. Believe me, these two staples will be your best friends.


Out: Blah colours

In: Bright colours

If you’re lucky enough to have the pregnancy ‘glow’ – you’re probably looking amazing in every shade of black, brown and navy. But for the rest of us, who are feeling a bit washed out by the whole pregnancy thing, this is when you reach for COLOUR. Find the right shades to match your skin tone, and then work it. Because sometimes a bright yellow sweater really does lift the spirits.


Anything else working for you? Let us know what fashion swaps you’ve made during pregnancy.


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