Pregnancy revelation reaches new heights with this airplane announcement

When it comes to pregnancy announcements, the sky’s the limit after a mother-to-be shared her big news with her husband (and a plane full of strangers) during a red-eye flight home from Las Vegas.

Lisa Sadinyk may not have won big on her recent trip to Las Vegas with her husband, Eric, but she certainly hit the jackpot with this awesome pregnancy announcement with the help from a pilot at American Airlines.

Lisa, who discovered she was pregnant during their trip, kept the news to herself for three days. Before boarding the flight from Las Vegas back to Pennsylvania, USA, Lisa handed the staff a note, which the pilot agreed to read during the take-off procedure.

The pilot draws special attention to seat 29B where a confused Eric is half asleep in his seat. The pilot reads Lisa’s letter verbatim and ends with a very special, “Congratulations. You’re about to be a dad.”

Lisa manages to film the entire event, from the look of confusion on her husband’s face when his name is announced to the reactions of other passengers beside them. She posted the video on Facebook just last week to share the happy news and to thank to crew at American Airlines for their help.

The couple had been trying for a baby and Lisa was hoping she would be able to catch her husband off guard with baby news.

“I don’t get a lot of opportunity to surprise my husband, and it’s such a happy surprise,” she told TODAY.

While the news seems to take a few seconds to click with Eric, the other passengers can be heard clapping and “awwing” at the broadcast. The video ends with Lisa and Eric kissing and both tearing up at the realisation of what’s to come.


Lisa’s pregnancy is off to a flying start and the couple are expecting their little one in September. Check out some of our other favourite pregnancy videos that are equally as sweet:

(via TODAY, top image via Facebook)

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