Pregnancy belt will allow at-home fetal monitoring


New technology will soon give women the chance to monitor their baby while still in the womb, and may also help doctors oversee expectant mums in remote locations.

The ability for humans to track and record their lives can now begin while still inside the womb – thanks to the latest development in pregnancy monitoring.

Unveiled at the Wearable Technology Show in London in March, the Ritmo is likely to be available for purchase by the end of the year, giving pregnant women the technology to monitor their unborn baby at home. The price will be somewhere between US$200-$250.


The wearable belt will allow an expectant mum to listen to her baby’s heartbeat and movements continuously.

The straps of the belt are filled with 13 sensors, so there’s no need to move the device around to find a heartbeat – something that sets this device apart from others currently on the market. The developers, the Israeli-based Nuvo Group, hopes the device can also be used by doctors to keep an eye on high-risk pregnancies for women who live some distance from a hospital or GP clinic.

The developers also claim the device could reveal new insights into pregnancy, as it continuously tracks kicks, contractions and movements.

According to NewScientist, the information from the belt will be sent to a cloud server, where it will be processed before the results are sent to the user’s smartphone. The information can then be used to chart a baby’s movement over time – parents-to-be can even discover their unborn baby’s sleeping habits by monitoring when it’s less active.

Ritmo already creates a pregnancy music belt (shown in all of the images in this post), aimed at play prenatal music within in the womb. What’s your opinion on the new device – would it have put your mind at ease during your pregnancies? Can you see yourself buying one in the future?

(via NewScientist)


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