Pram Roundup – the best available for $900

With the government’s $900 bonuses to taxpayers starting to roll out this week we’ve put together our pick of prams you could spend your bonus on.

Looking for a pram can be a hard slog when you have no idea what to look for. I remember looking for my very first pram and needing a good sit down and a cup of tea when I realised just how much work had to be done before arriving at a decision. Those who think it’s a trivial choice have often learned the hard way just how important a pram is -after all, it’s the vehicle that allows new parents to take on a seemingly new world, either with confidence, or with a string of irritations like not being able to get through checkout aisles or walk over differing terrains. For me a fantastic walking pram meant I could exercise lightly whilst recovering from a c-section – vital for body and soul.

It’s partially true that there is no one perfect pram, and that most parents eventually find the need to have both a sturdy walking pram and a lightweight umbrella-style stroller for quick errands. There are prams that admirably do a little bit of everything, as long as you’re not expecting it to magically become a running pram if you embark on a fitness regime. The options for prams have changed radically in recent years, with offerings getting groovier and ticking more boxes in terms of functionality and choices. Many have add-on extras like carrycots, funseats and cocoons for newborns, and even the humble suncover has become high tech with zippered fronts and space-age materials.

We’ve rounded up the best prams of the moment at the $900 price mark so you can compare and contrast features with your own specific needs as a family. Consider the heights of the adults who will be pushing the pram and think about an adjustable handlebar so it suits everyone. Perhaps you want baby facing you for those precious first months so look for one with a reversible handle or consider a carrycot. If you exercise a lot then the option of locking the front wheel is a must, as are all-pneumatic tyres.

So here’s the cream of the crop, the very best in pramage for $900 or thereabouts. If you’re new to all this, I suggest you take note of these models, keep an eye out for them whilst out and about, and do as I always do, ask other parents about the pram they’ve chosen and how they’re finding it now that they’re in the full swing of getting baby out of the house. It can be the most difficult task in the first days of parenthood, but with the right machine it will be a welcome relief to comfortably walk from your home and out introducing your baby to the world.


First up is the esteemed Bugaboo Bee. With its perky looks, changeable hood covers in great colours, massive and easily accessible underbasket, and awesome add-ons such as the cocoon and footmuff, this is the top choice for those who like to shop. Weighing just 8kgs, I find myself pining for it on a regular basis. Unfortunately my gigantic 18 month old is too near the 17kg weight limit, which most children don’t reach until much later.

This little sweetie may look cute but it seriously delivers the goods in terms of being a full-sized pram suitable from birth to three years. It’s available for $899.95 from Bebe with the hood colours in red, blue, black, khaki, yellow and pink.


The lovely Quinny Buzz has always beckoned me, especially since they employed that delicious wetsuit-style fabric for the seat cover, which lends the pram
an organic, luxe feel. Its claim to fame lies in the gas-powered one handed fold and the fact that the frame opens automatically. It’s a pretty pram which is highly desirable to gadget geeks who love high-tech features. In Europe they add on the Maxi Cosi to make it a complete travel system for car and land. The four-wheeled version became available recently – it’s my pick out of the three and four wheeled options for purely aesthetic reasons. The stunning colours
include midnight, strawberry, black and apple. I also love the gold which was released in Europe but not in Australia.

Grab your Quinny Buzz from Kido Store for $899.95. Add the Dreami carrycot for an extra $329.95.


There’s not much I can say about the Mountain Buggy Urban Elite without coming across as a gushing loon. My love affair with prams started out with this
indestructible machine of joy, which to this day enables me to get from A to B with minimum fuss and maximum comfort. Having a 4 year old, I often
need to steer the pram one-handed and the Mountain Buggy handles this with ease, leaving my hand and wrist strain-free. The Elite model comes
with a host of extras such as a padded pram liner, cup holder and nappy bag with change mat, saving you big bucks on those essentials.

The optional sun and storm covers are awesome with their zip up fronts – you don’t have to keep removing the entire cover when it’s not needed, when you momentarily dash into the supermarket. A carrycot is also available. This robust beauty never disappoints – just about every Mountain Buggy owner I know is passionate about their buggy. The top Elite model retails for $859.95 from Bebe.


The Joolz Bloom popped charmingly into the pramosphere in late 2007 and we liked it as an exciting alternative to the major brands. It has the added bonuses of an elevated seat position so baby is closer to you, and being able to be folded with or without the seat attached.

It boasts an adjustable handle, wheel suspension, has many seat positions, reversible seat, adjustable footrest, and it also has a bassinette option. I also love the way the front bar opens out rather than having to remove it completely.

This pram will turn heads wherever you go and is available from Your Child’s Nursery for $899 plus shipping. The bassinette attachment is an additional $349.


The Phil and Ted’s Vibe is possibly the most stylish double pram on the market and really holds its own as a single pram. With space-age styling in my favourite colours of black and red, there’s no mistaking one of these beauties as it rolls down the street. I’ve always loved the inline design of the Phil and
Ted’s range – as much as sometimes I’d like to see more variety in the doubles market, I take my hat off to this company for adding more style
to a design of great substance. Purchase the Vibe for $899 plus shipping, from The Pram Warehouse. If you want the doubles seat, it’s an extra $109.


The Mutsy 4 Rider is a fantastic four-wheeled pram with some quirky extras that make it the ultimate in terms of versatility. Now that my youngest son is heading towards age two, the Funseat with steering wheel would be just perfect for him. Kids of his age love to feel like they’re in control and it’s about this time many parents find they have trouble with getting them into a pram without lots of resistance.

The 4 Rider with Funseat solves this dilemma perfectly so
that he thinks he’s the one steering and you can run your errands without fuss – simply pop your purchases into the massive basket that comes with the seat.

Mutsy have covered so much ground with this pram, with newborn bassinette, seat unit, Funseat and even a Rocker Frame forming the range. To top it all off, you can now transport two children with the addition of the Step-up Board.

Available from Babies Galore in black, red and green for $849 including bassinette. The fabulous Funseat is $119 and the Rocker Frame is $69.99.


If you are looking for a pram with personality plus, which handles most situations, then the Micralite Toro might just be the one for you. Looking like a friendly garden insect, the Toro’s long-reaching front arms splay to provide awesome stability.

You can purchase an all-terrain wheel kit for when you’re feeling intrepid and the Toro stands up on its end once folded which is invaluable for people living in compact spaces. It can also be wheeled around when folded – a great back-saving feature! The Toro is easily pushed with one hand and the basket can be accessed whether the seat is reclined or not.

Available locally for $799 from Baby Nest.


The supremely stylish Silver Cross Dazzle is an elegant umbrella-style stroller which has full-sized capabilities. It takes a neat little carrycot with the most luscious silver pinwhale cord lining – it can be used from birth so baby can face you which is a very unusual feature for this style of stroller. You can enjoy those lovely days of baby gazing when he’s tiny, before the time comes when you are grateful to face him to the world for distraction! It has sleek wheels,
divine detailing on the seat and accessories, and folds up as conveniently as a shopping stroller.

Weighing only 7kg the Dazzle is an innovative pram by a company who has serviced royal babies for decades. Get your slice of wheeled heaven complete with carrycot and an accessory pack, which includes a colour co-ordinated nappy bag, parasol and footmuff, for around $850 from Kido Store. The colours available are black, silver, blueberry, grape and pumpkin.


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