This powerful new SIDS awareness campaign by Red Nose is a must-watch

The good people at SIDS and KIDS have not only launched an important new campaign aimed at educating people about SIDS and unexpected child loss, they’ve rebranded their 40-year-old organisation to match the instantly recognisable Red Nose.

Saving little lives

‘The Children Are Gone’ is a one minute video highlighting the toll Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), still birth and accidental death takes on families and the community each day.

The Red Nose campaign was released to coincide with Baby Loss Awareness Week. It shares some heartbreaking statistics:

  • 9 children die suddenly and unexpectedly every day in Australia.
  • These losses occur from 20 weeks gestation through to four years of age.
  • A total of 3200 children die from sudden or unexpected causes each year.
  • This figure is more than double Australia’s road toll.

While coming to terms with these figures is very confronting, Red Nose hopes that awareness and education will help reduce this terrible toll and save families the pain of losing a child.



A wider focus

Red Nose have already helped reduce SIDS rates in Australia by 80 per cent. They’re now taking up a new pledge in earnest, broadening their life-saving focus to include babies and children who’ve died as a result of SIDS, as well as other tragic and unexpected causes.

“We now have a new and bigger challenge – to tackle all sudden and unexpected deaths in babies from 20 weeks’ gestation to four years of age. This means understanding why late term stillbirth and other sudden, accidental deaths such as drownings, poisonings and road accidents occur as well as continuing to explore the root cause of SIDS,” Red Nose explains in an open letter to Australian families.



“Our target is zero”

Red Nose are aiming to slash the child loss toll dramatically, using funds their organisation raises to keep kids safer and fund research into sudden and unexplained child deaths.

They say there’s still a lot to learn, but they’re committed to reform and prevention.

“How do you fight something you don’t understand? You fight to understand it. That’s why we pledge to find a solution to eliminate all preventable deaths in babies and small children. Our target is zero.

“From today we pledge to continue funding research and education into the causes of all sudden, unexplained and preventable childhood deaths in Australia, doing everything in our power to find the answers that will keep your child safe,” Red Nose says.

“Our mission is to create a future where no baby or child dies suddenly and unexpectedly.”

Find out more about SIDS prevention or how to support Red Nose.

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