WATCH: Potty-mouthed snake catcher finds SEVEN snakes in 5-year-old’s bed

Raymond from SnakeBusters

A Melbourne snake-catcher could not keep a handle on the fruity swears when he discovered seven mother-flipping snakes, cosily snuggled up in a little girl’s bed.

The magnificent seven

The venomous mummy and daddy snake – and their five wriggly babies – were having a fine old time of it until Raymond came along. And let’s face it, what better place is there to raise your babies than under the doona, amongst some cuddly toys and dollies?

Given the option, most expectant mums might deign to do the same!

For those keen to see how this works, salty-mouthed snake catcher Raymond Hoser has captured the surprising snake-kid-bed situation he encountered in this Melbourne home on video. We are so glad he did.

Raymond uploaded the snake-astrophe to YouTube, with the super-evocative title “Bed of Death”, and it’s truly something to behold and possibly the name of a forthcoming Tarantino flick. 

Warning: Sweary video – maybe don’t watch it with the volume on if there are tender ears about?

“Bed of Death”

“This was the bed of Death, where deadly snakes had babies in a kids bed under a pillow,” the caption alongside the (terrifying) video reads, going on to explain that Raymond thought the callout to a Doncaster East home was a prank call, and he wasn’t properly prepared.

Raymond “entered the home without his snake catching gear, thinking it’s be a rubber snake or a joke”.

What he found was no laughing matter. Nor was it rubbery. Nope.

“The snakeman was confronted with a pair of deadly venomous Copperhead snakes and a mass of babies. Without the aid of snake catching gear he grabbed all of these mega-deadly snakes with his bare hands and carried them out to his car.”

Oh and he swore a lot, let’s make that clear.

“Top five deadliest”

Raymond’s business, Snakebusters® revealed that “Copperheads are in the top 20 snakes on the planet, with venom, much the same as the better known and top five deadliest species, the Australian Tiger Snake.”

What we think they’re saying here is that you shouldn’t snuggle up with these guys because they will CUT YOU.

And steal your Furby.


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