What a post-baby belly of a fit mum really looks like

She’s the founder of a postnatal fitness company – so you can imagine the pressure Sophia Cooper felt to bounce back into shape after giving birth. Instead of bending to unrealistic ideals, this mum decided to tell, and show it like it is.

Birmingham mum Sophia Cooper runs a fitness company. But not just any fitness company – one that focuses on women who have just had a baby.


The 29-year-old says she gained about 19 kilos during her pregnancy, and gave birth to a gorgeous girl, Florence.

Six weeks later, she posted this rather brave picture on her Facebook business page One Fit Mama UK, with the following description:

“It’s hard publicly sharing this picture because as the founder of a postnatal fitness company most people expect me to have left the maternity ward with a baby and a six pack. The reality is despite exercising during pregnancy and trying to eat healthy I gained 3 stone. I have fresh stretch marks, a muffin top and I’m 3 dress sizes bigger. Some of my shoes still don’t fit and Bridget Jones pants are a must. But you know what?? IT’S OK!! This is what a real post baby body looks like and at OFM we celebrate all shapes of mom!.” she wrote.


Rather than self-deprecating, Sophia’s post was empowering and honest, with a helping of humour. And it certainly struck a chord with other mums, who responded with words of encouragement:


Sophia has been overwhelmed by the support and reaction her photo has prompted. She says, “Wow! When I shared this picture yesterday I just hoped a few of our mums would stop beating themselves up, I had no idea it would grow so huge! Thank you all for your lovely words and I hope it has made all of you feel like it’s ok to wobble a bit!”

Sharing post-baby bellies via social media and through photography projects has become quite a things. We’ve previously written about the 4th Trimester Project and The Shape of a Mother.

(images via BPM Media)

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