Portable door lock to keep little explorers safe!

It’s true, one minute you hear happy laughter with toys banging and then silence. It’s that silence that gets you thinking they must be up to something and as you endeavour to find out, the anxiety sets in.

In my case, that short silence from my child almost always means a bathroom cabinet and mess. While we can control our own homes and make them safe for children to explore, we can’t control all environments when out and about.  Short of never leaving the house again, it’s a great idea to invest in some mobile child safety ideas.

You can easily save yourself from embarrassing and potentially dangerous situations by using the Howsar Portable Door Lock. This lock turns a non-locking door into a locked one, making it perfect for visiting friends or holidaying. Made from lightweight toughened nylon, it’s a gadget light enough to carry in your handbag or nappy bag.

You needn’t worry about having to tote around a tool kit either as the Howsar Portable Door Lock is tool-free! While it looks fiddly, it really is easy to use and takes only a few seconds to close the door and slide the hook through the exposed hole in the unit. Easy!

The Howsar Portable Door Lock is available from Global Travel Products for $15 in either red or grey. Delivery is available all over Australia.

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