Adult colouring book craze creates pencil shortage for kids

Kids are notorious for losing coloured pencils and crayons, but are parents to blame for the looming global storage of colouring-in supplies?

According to the people who make the pencils, yes, yes we are.

I will be the first to admit that I am a massive colouring-in fan. Ever since adult colouring books came out, we have enjoyed family colouring-in evenings regularly. It’s a great stress buster and easy way to Zen out and spend time with the kids in a quiet environment.

And, apparently, I am not alone.

According to The New Zealand Herald, adult colouring book sales have skyrocketed anywhere from 923 per cent to 36,600 per cent depending on how you crunch the numbers. Either way, it’s huge.

Adult colouring-in has taken the country by storm. Book stores and department stores are crammed with intricate and detailed colouring books that aren’t for kids and even therapists sell books to help their clients with stress and anxiety.

asshole colouring book

There are colouring-in books focused on flowers, funky patterns, jungles and forests, comic books, houses and, yes, swear words too. There is even a colouring-in book for Game of Thrones fans.

got colouring book

But while it’s easy to get your hands on a colouring book, pencils to go with them are another story. Some of the world’s biggest pencil manufacturers including Faber-Castell, Staedtler and Stabilo are reporting a shortage of coloured pencils as grown-ups embrace the colouring craze.

And the standard pack of 12 or 20 pencils that we might pick up for the kids just won’t do. Companies are upping the coloured pencil stakes by shifting focus to bigger sets of 72 or even 120 colours in order to fulfil the parental palette for more colours and more shades.

So let’s hear it Babyologists –  are you a closet colourer?

(via Fatherly)

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