The most popular baby gadgets of 2016

baby wearing owlet vitals monitor

The past year has been full of  fantastic inventions to keep your baby safer, happier and the ultimate golden ticket… helping them (and parents) sleep.

From socks that monitor your baby’s breathing rate overnight, to shushers that simulate the womb environment, these handy gadgets and apps are designed to make your life easier and help them (and you!) get a more restful sleep. Let’s take a look at what 2016 brought us.

The Garmin Car Babycam

Hearing your child choke or cry in the backseat when you’re navigating busy traffic is a recipe for disaster. Garmin created a small Babycam camera that clicks onto the car headrest, facing towards the baby. The video signal is sent to your dashboard navigation device. This means no more turning around in your seat, or pulling over, just click a button to check on baby anytime.

Garmin babyCam

The improved Nuna Leaf rocker

The first Nuna Leaf was a hit with parents – a beautiful baby rocker that silently rocked baby to sleep in a gently swaying leaf. But parents got tired of continually resetting the leaf’s rocking motion, and the Nuna developers listened. In 2016 they introduced a mini accessory called the Leaf Wind that clicks onto the base of existing leaf rockers and operates as a mini motor for the swaying seat.

The Owlet baby monitor

For parents that need reassurance that their bub is safe during the night, the Owlet baby monitor is an innovative little product that takes peace of mind to a whole new level. A snugly fitted, non-invasive little sock is worn on the baby’s foot, and sends wireless signals to your mobile phone. A connected app tracks the baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels. And if the bub stops breathing for any reason, the device sends an alert to your mobile, and also to a separate base station.


The Baby Shusher

When a product comes recommended by the likes of Princess Kate and Kim Kardashian, you know it’s time to sit up and take notice. The Baby Shusher simulates the womb environment by emitting loud, rhythmic shushing noises, similar in theory to a white noise machine. But instead of being used for the whole nap time, the Baby Shusher is intended to be used during the settling period only, with 15 and 30-minute timers built in.


The Baby Bum Brush

Yes, you’ve been using your hands to apply nappy cream up until now, but maybe you need the Baby Bum Brush. Before you roll your eyes and think ‘what on earth?’, think about where your hands have been. Do you really have time to wash your hands like you’re supposed to when you have a squirmy, smelly baby that needs to be changed right now? That means you are carrying around bacteria that could be transferred directly to baby’s sorest and most sensitive parts when you are applying nappy cream the usual way.

What are your favourite baby gadgets from 2016?

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