Poolbeanies swim caps protect hair in style

It’s a typical scene at the pool: a parent trying to wrestle a swim cap on a wiggly child’s head, the wiggly child’s shrieks of protest echoing off the tiled walls. Here’s something that will make that scenario easier (and as parents we’ll take as much stuff that makes life easier as we can get).

Poolbeanies is a range of colourful, patterned lycra swim caps. Designed in New Zealand, these lycra caps slip smoothly over kids’ heads and stay comfortably put. Ideal for swimming lessons – many swim schools now require kids to wear caps for hygiene purposes – they keep hair out of the way when in the pool.

Poolbeanies 3

Poolbeanies is a new brand, and they’ve already got loads of patterns to choose from. For the lover of all things princessy, there are blue or pink tiara caps. There are also brightly coloured caps adorned with daisy chains.


For the boys, there’s orange or green camouflage fish prints, or an underwater themed cap. This year there are plans for more unisex designs as well as a line of silicone caps that will keep hair dry.

Poolbeanies 2

Poolbeanies cost NZ$15.95 each and shipping is available to Australia.

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