Ponoko – the future of cutting-edge design?


You could possibly be looking at the most original way to secure a
highly desired object, and it could well be your own creation!
Ponoko opens up a whole world of design possibilities – it’s a creative hub where you can design your own piece, or have a professional designer make your idea a reality, and have it made and shipped anywhere in the world.

Free design software is available, or you can send a photo of your
hand- or digitally-drawn idea and receive an instant quote for production costs. There are free designs which you can alter to make your own, or simply buy a product you love from a designer who will have
Ponoko make it for you.

There is an incredible number of options, and I feel just so inspired by this amazing concept. It truly puts design into the hands of the people – where ideas, designs and products are shared in an open-ended community. Those who want to browse and buy can do so, and those who want to design a little or a lot are given the tools to do it.

There is a small number of child-centred products, which I’m sure will expand rapidly as Ponoko becomes more well-known. The
‘On Show’ section unearths some gorgeous objects such as the
Modular Wall Shelf Array and Two-Way Toy Piano. I would have these in
my home in a heartbeat! It’s design ‘by the people, for the
people’ – I wonder how many of our future design powerhouses will
spring from this bubbling brook of creativity.

You can buy those modular shelves for US$85, the horse $175, and Spelling 101 $38.95. Sadly that toy piano is not for sale.
Prices do not include shipping. Peruse Ponoko’s aisles for a good dose of weird, wonderful and unabashed geekery.


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