We love Paris at Playtime- showcasing the chic in children’s fashion and design

There’s no doubt about it: Paris is the home of everything exclusive and stylish, from the multi-year waiting list for a Hermès Birkin bag to the way the even Parisian toddlers look like they’ve stepped out of a streetwear blog.

This February we’re actually happy to be in sunny Australia instead of just about any northern hemisphere city in winter, but that doesn’t mean we can’t roam the web for the loveliest fashion and toys for kids and mums from the inimitable Playtime Paris tradeshow that just finished in January.

It was tough (and a lot of fun) to pick our favourites, and we think these Playtime Paris exhibitors should get ready to start shipping to Australia.

milanpainou jumper

Milanpinou is a gorgeous range of comfy, chic clothes for mums and little girls. I feel a bit conflicted for loving something as basic as a sweatshirt, but Milapinou’s pieces are so special, and the gold moon spotted, lurex-piped sweatshirt (€51) is no exception.


The cuteness of Pan Pantaloni’s charmingly old-fashioned, roomy flannel pants (€35) and jumpers (€45) is unbearable. Add a merino cap with a pom pom and ear flaps (€18) and words nearly escape us. Poland’s Pan Pantaloni will have you wishing for cold weather, if only to get a chance to dress your kids in those cosy mustard coloured pants.

Maximinus shoes

Even though there’s a wide world of baby shoes out there, the really beautiful designs still manage to stand out. Maximinus from France makes simple, soft, vegetable-tanned leather shoes that have just the right details to set them apart. The contrasting leathers on the soles and uppers, the candy striped laces and old school baby shoe shape make Maximinus shoes classic little beauties. Incidentally, don’t you think they’d be darling with a pair of pants from Pan Pantaloni?

EZ PZ happy mat happy bowl

Calling all naughty toddlers! Prepare to have your mischief-making efforts foiled by Ez-pz’s Happy Mat and Happy Bowl. It’s a sectioned plate attached to a placemat, all made from silicone that’s microwaveable, oven proof and dishwasher safe.

Boxbo boots

Don’t be deceived by the hot days; winter will be here faster than you can say “Easter eggs at the grocery store in February”. Luckily we’ve found something to liven up grey days: a bright pair of rain boots from Boxbo.

lucky no 7 inner-monster-t-shirt

We’ve written about Lucky No 7 before, and honestly, we’re not surprised to see this hip Dutch designer at Playtime Paris. The monochromatic colour palette is impossibly chic, and it’s not a stretch to imagine a French toddler wobbling through the Tuileries Garden in a little hooded, striped romper from Lucky No 7’s Winter Wonderland collection.

Borny Liner ps

We’ve seen a lot of pram liners in our time, but never one so dreamily squashy, so delightfully plush as the Borny Pram Liner ($45). Sure, white is a dangerous colour to have around babies, but I’m throwing caution to the wind by choosing the grey marle and white horizontal stripe as my hands down favourite pattern.


Indoor and outdoor spaces will get brightened up by the playful Poisson rocker (€149.90) from Dondolo. Made from bright red painted plywood, the rocker is perfect for little sea lovers to have imaginary races with sharks and whales.

There are five short months until Playtime Paris dazzles us again, and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next time.

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