PlayPlax – classic retro toys return!



There’s a set of these on permanent display at the Victoria and Albert museum and now you can own a slice of toy history with the re-release of these classic toys!

PlayPlax is a set of squares which can be interlocked to create all kinds of weird, wonderful and yes, even predictable forms. Fab for spatial awareness, the retro toys were designed by art student Patrick Rylands in 1966 and quickly became a design classic, selling more than one million sets by 1970.

The set contains forty-eight squares in five colours which have been reproduced perfectly from the recipes for the original dyes. Here’s an interesting blurb from Portobello Toys:

Patrick was an art student when he first came up with the concept of these brilliant interlocking squares. He went on to win many awards and to invent hundreds of toys. Now retired, he has been invaluable in helping us bring PlayPlax back.  We all knew it had to be as good as the original. We found and used the factory in Cheshire who used to make it. They still had the dye recipes which meant we could perfectly reproduce the beautiful colours. Although they look like perspex, the pieces are actually made of polystyrene.  The box was designed in London by Webb & Webb and is made in Leicestershire. We are incredibly proud of this new edition and hope you love it as much as we do.

Get your own set for £23.99 from Portobello Toys, which includes shipping to Australia! Did you have a set of PlayPlax as a child?


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